Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor

World's First and only On-line In-script Hindi Typing Tutor. Now learn inscript typing on-line and free and from your own English keyboard, you don't need any special software or Inscript keyboard. Start from Exercise 1 and go threw likewise, practise 1 exercise daily and you will be able to type in Inscript with in 1 days without seeing the keyboard. These exercise are designed scientifically will teach you fast and accurate Hindi typing. Remember one thing there is no short cut of success, if you want to achieve good typing speed and practise is only solution. Practise more and more your finger will remember the keys automatically and start travailing on keyboard like a professional typist. So for what you are waiting for. Rememberer tomorrow never comes start learning from now.

1बीच वाली पंक्ति 9सभी पंक्तिया 3
2शिफ्ट + बीच वाली पंक्ति 10सभी पंक्तिया 4
3ऊपर वाली पंक्ति 11सभी पंक्तिया 5
4शिफ्ट + ऊपर वाली पंक्ति12सभी पंक्तिया 6
5नीचे वाली पंक्ति13पैराग्राफ 1
6शिफ्ट + नीचे वाली पंक्ति14पैराग्राफ 2
7सभी पंक्तिया 115पैराग्राफ 3
8सभी पंक्तिया 216पैराग्राफ 4
Inscript Hindi Typing Shortcut Keys